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Recruitment process

Our ability to serve the investor/client depends on the people we hire. That's why we take a long, careful look at candidates. Throughout the process, we strive to balance your needs and the needs of our business without sacrificing thoroughness. the following describes what you can expect.

Resume submission

Submitting your resume by sending it to jobs@infolabsinc.com our we ensures that your information is visible to our hiring managers throughout our organization. If your skills and experience are appropriate for the role, a recruiter will contact you to begin the process.


Typically, we will schedule an initial phone interview with one of our internal recruiters to assess the level of interest — yours and ours.
If there is interest, we'll schedule interviews. As with all decisions made at the InfoLabs, we will seek multiple points of view, which means you will likely talk with several people. You may spend time with the hiring manager, associates on the team, and others throughout the organization. These interviews may be conducted in person, on the phone or, in some cases, via videoconferencing.

Your background

Our associates are expected to uphold the highest ethical standards, which is why we ask for a lot of documentation to support the information you provide in your application. Some of the things we are likely to request are school transcripts, pay stubs, past performance reviews and a written explanation of any gaps in employment.
All of our associates have been through the process, and we know it can be challenging. But we believe there is a payoff for the effort: if you join us, you'll be working with people of the highest integrity.

Knowing where you stand

We make every effort to keep you informed along the way. Unfortunately, we are not able to respond to every candidate who applies due to the volume of resumes we receive.

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